Company Crush. Clique Media Group: Digital Master

By Amanda Kruschack

‘Company Crush’ will be a recurring piece on the Sage Company blog that discusses an organization that we believe sets an example for the rest of us. This article looks at Clique Media Group. 

What’s 11 years old, boasts more than 13 million unique visitors per month and has 40 million (and counting) social media followers? Clique Media Group (CMG). The brainchild of Katherine Power and Hillary Kerr, these former magazine editors turned the digital media and fashion space on its head and made it their own. Capturing the voice of millions of readers and customers across the globe, their company now holds 7 properties under their moniker, it all began with their would-be titan Who What Wear.

While the rest of us were living it up on primitive chat platforms, like MSN Messenger and thrilled to get a coveted invite-only Gmail account, these two women were beginning their empire and fitting it perfectly into our now digitally driven lives.

Admittedly, I (happily) fit right into their target audience. So hang on, this is going to be as much of a gush-fest as it is, praise for a truly digital media group killing it in 2017. (Say that last part again, slowly and with feeling).

ouraudienceImage courtesy of Clique Media Group.

What I love most is how through its various digital properties: Who What Wear, Byrdie, College Fashionista, My Domaine, and Obsessee, CMG has married the voice and wants of their audience through curated content that reflects its wide range of (predominantly female) audience members whether they be Gen X, Y or Z.  In the overcrowded digital space, CMG stands out as having successfully refined how to bridge the gap between content, consumer brands and translate that into revenue. While others struggle to answer the question, what does our audience want? CMG has hit its stride.

Positioning themselves as being, “Led by content. Informed by data. Driven by sales” CMG harnesses the power of their audience through inclusive content. Their latest addition to how they are leveraging data-driven content is by implementing their own Slackbot! Reported in December 2016, writes that, “editors receive a Slackbot notification with details about the article’s overperformance and ways they can optimize the article, such as adding a social media call to action to “like” an article.” That’s right, real-time actionable editorial data.

Afterall, she who owns the data wins.

I can say with certainty we’ll be seeing much more of CMG in the years to come. I for one, am excited to see how they’ll change the digital media game next! From one digital marketer, content writer and plain ol’fan, thank you! Excited yet? Pick up your copy of The Career Code, by Hillary Kerr and Katherine Power to give your own burgeoning empire some legs.

P.S. For a final praise of domination, Katherine Power and Hillary Kerr have joined the likes of fashion powerhouses Phillip Lim, Victoria Beckham and Missoni to have ongoing apparel and accessories collection using the Who What Wear brand with Target. Check out their Spring 2017 collection here.


Amanda Kruschack is a writer experienced in sales, marketing and media. With her own omni-channel set of skills and experience, Amanda provides valuable insights through dedicated learning and experience across multiple industries. Amanda also has 10 years experience working within television and film in the US and Canada in a writing, producer and production capacity. When she doesn’t have a boarding pass in-hand, you can find her currently working within Canada’s Technology Triangle. 
Academically, Amanda graduated with honours from Ryerson University’s prestigious RTA School of Media with a minor in English. She also earned a Postgraduate certificate in Marketing with honours from Humber College.