Small Can Be Beautiful in Social Media Marketing

By Carly Klassen

When I meet with prospects and business owners, I am still surprised when I hear that business owners can’t see the value, or are extremely skeptical about investing in social media.

Social media marketing, like any type of investment in your business, takes work. There is no magic button that turns on valuable social media engagement and you can’t “set it and forget it”.

Social media requires consistent monitoring and listening. As opposed to traditional media, which is typically 1-dimensional with the organization pushing information about their products to their consumers, social media is a 2-way street, where listening is just as important as publishing content. The learning done in this type of marketing can (and should) inform and shape both your content and social media strategy.

In addition to the skepticism, I often am confronted with businesses who assume that you have to have thousands, or hundreds of thousands of followers to be relevant on social media. However, I emphasize that small can be beautiful. A smaller group of engaged individuals who are “fans” of your brand is far more effective than purchasing 10,000 “followers” who will never engage in an authentic way about your business. Engaged fans will help promote your business both online and offline. Fans typically consistent of both consumers and prospects and the content that you produce helps them to inform their purchase decisions.

Producing relevant, interesting or important information about your business is critical to developing a consistent following. If you publish sporadically, or infrequently – people lose interest quickly. Creating and following a content schedule that incorporates your brand values will help you stay on track.

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Carly Klassen is a Marketing Consultant and founder at Sage Company.