By Amanda Kruschack

It may seem there is a hot new social media channel as frequent as the seasons change. The thing is, it’s kind of true. While some may be hardpressed to defend and maintain their reign or legitimacy, others are able to transcend fads and adapt to their growing audience. Look at how how many social media channels have adopted concepts from their competitors like, filters and video all to adapt to their growing audience. That said, so must you.

With so many options, it’s difficult to choose which platform is best for your business. Here’s a quick breakdown of those channels waiting at your fingertips.

The Holy Trinity of social media channels as a basis of where to start is Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. These user friendly platforms are in a sense digital grassroots marketing. From lemonade stands to multinational corporations, nearly every business has a Facebook page.

Find the right “voice” in your Twitter handle and you’ll resonate with customers immediately. Many companies use Twitter not only for marketing but to enable customer service agents to address issues as they happen. For example, airlines, utility companies and public transit commissions often use Twitter to engage, address service updates or outages and to minimize any public relations damage in real time.

A great example of a consumer packaged goods Twitter account is @Charmin. This CPG has curated a Twitter account that offers cheeky humour while being informative and relevant. Check it out, it’s a fun read. (After this blog post, obviously.)

This brings us to Instagram. By including a hashtag or account mention that is relevant to your brand is an element that engages a builtin algorithm that will create a suggestion page, profiles or handles to follow. All related to your content. This will create your very own buzz and in time, followers beyond your immediate circle of friends and family.

Activity based channels like Snapchat demand of the user to generate immediate content that is responsive. And by responsive, I mean delivering and onbrand reactions via image/video to your customers/audience every time. Snapchat may be more laborious in terms of generating that branded content – however, it’s those visuals that your customers are seeing that will allow them visualize themselves as a part of your brand. Surely not everyone on social media wearing a flower crown has been to Coachella, but you know they’re looking to buy-in on the experience online.


Amanda Kruschack is a writer experienced in sales, marketing and media. With her own omni-channel set of skills and experience, Amanda provides valuable insights through dedicated learning and experience across multiple industries. Amanda also has 10 years experience working within television and film in the US and Canada in a writing, producer and production capacity. When she doesn’t have a boarding pass in-hand, you can find her currently working within Canada’s Technology Triangle. 
Academically, Amanda graduated with honours from Ryerson University’s prestigious RTA School of Media with a minor in English. She also earned a Postgraduate certificate in Marketing with honours from Humber College. 

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